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Contest 2!!! (Closed)

I have decided it’s time to have another contest. I have been running this blog for two years now, and believe it or not, only two people have ever made a suggestion for the song of the day! Only one of those two songs has been showcased so far. For this contest, the first person to pick out that song will win the contest. You will only need to put the full name of the song for your entry.

The person with the correct entry will win one song of its choice upto a value of $1.29 USD. Like with the first contest, if there is any problem that prevents me from sending the song, I will make a PayPal transfer of the value of the desired song upto $1.29 USD. If a PayPal transfer cannot be completed, the winner will only receive recognition of the correct answer on this site. Unlike the first contest (which is still going on), this contest has a deadline. The deadline for it is 11:59 PM CDT, September 27, 2012.

P.S. To help you know when the deadline is if you have problems knowing what time it is in certain time zones, I schedule the random song of the day to post at 12:00 am, so if you see the song of the day for September 28, 2012, the contest is closed.

Update: This contest has closed without there being a winner.

American Censorship Day

Copyright holders are pushing hard in congress to pass a law that will be a modern day witch hunt. I am completely against any such law. If you want to learn more, visit Please use the form on their site to correspond your disapproval of reigniting the witch trials to your congressional leaders. Don’t let anyone take away your rights, especially the ones to express yourself or to a fair trial!

New Download Source

I’ve changed the source where you can download the song of the days. I will now be using Bing Music. Technically, you don’t download directly from there, but it will allow you to chose who you buy the music from, either Amazon, iTunes, or Zune. This decision does have a little to do with Amazon terminating my Associate Program membership just because I live in Illinois. But it is also because Bing Music does have more features. Along with allowing you to chose the music store you can buy from, Bing Music also allows you to listen to many of the songs in full before you buy it. While you can only play each song once, it’s better than me posting videos from YouTube seems how many of them stop working. I hope you like the change.

No More Videos

Due to copyright holders, there won’t be any more videos. There could be some, but because most become broken, don’t expect them. Again, I’m sorry for the horrible way copyright holders treat us.

Blocked Videos

I am aware that some artists and/or record labels block the videos from playing on my site. Some even go as far as to block them from the source page as well. I do not condone this action, and I am sorry that they want to treat potential customers this way.