Changes to Bing

I’m sure some of you have noticed changes with the links I provide. Bing has incorporated the music search into it’s regular search page. If you want to download the song, the links now appears in the upper right-hand side of the page. I’m sure most who have clicked through to Bing have figured this out, but I wanted to point this out to everyone. I’m not going to change the links in the post I’ve already set up to be published or that have already been published seems how the links still work, and the wording will remain “Bing Music” until the end of July. I’m not sure when or if Microsoft will every break the links I provide, but I’m not paid to maintain my blog, so I won’t be going back to fix anything that becomes broken. I’m sorry in advance if any link breaks, but you should be able to search yourself for any song posted with a quick copy and paste.

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