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Given SoundCloud is giving copyright rights to a company over a work the company has absolutely no grounds to make, I may be closing my SoundCloud account. Should SoundCloud continue to behave as it is, I will not tolerate it’s behavior.

Update: I decided the SoundCloud service wasn’t worth it and deleted my account. All files are available on and I will continue to make all future files available on

Updated Banner

You may have notice that I’ve updated the site’s banner. And if you’re really astute, you might have noticed that I’ve actually updated it twice in the past 24 hours. That point isn’t really important though. What I want to alert everyone to is that I’ve uploaded the design to my CafePress profile. That means that you will be able to purchase merchandise related to this site. I’ve also put a link to my profile over on the side of the site for easy access.


I have opened a CafePress account and I have already started to upload a few designs for products. They are more related to one of my other sites, Dark Side of Brian, but the first designs are things anyone can enjoy. If you want to check out what you can buy, head over to my profile on CafePress. I’m trying to figure out how to make a virtual storefront, but I’m not sure how to make that yet. Plus, I might markup prices if you go through that, if I ever figure it out. So you might want to remember about this post if you want cheaper merchandise from me. 😉

Update: a design related to this site is available. You can get the site’s banner image on an assortment of products.

Amazon Boycott

I know I’m late to post about this, but I do feel people should refrain from making purchases through Amazon. If working for low wages wasn’t bad enough, the Supreme Court ruled in December that employees should not be paid while waiting to go through security before they are allowed to leave work. Seems how workers have had to wait up to 30 minutes before they can leave, it is only fair that they should be paid at least minimum wage while waiting to leave to what now amounts to privatized incarceration. Until Amazon compensates its employes for the time it steals from them, we should boycott Amazon and stand up for workers’ rights! And if you know any other companies that abuse their employees the same way, let me know and I will add them to a list of companies people should not patronize. I will even add non-American companies, because I’m sure it happens in every country.

Will the U.S. finally get net neutrality?

Millions of people have written politicians, urging them to pass internet neutrality regulations to protect them and their rights online with little to show for their efforts. Does this man have enough clout to finally pass much needed reform? One can only hope given the level or corruption in Washington and how much vile companies like Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and Time Warner spend to suppress citizens’ voices.

4th Year Anniversary!

It’s been four years, 1,496 posts, 1,463 songs, two bonus songs, and two contests. I can’t believe that I’ve had this blog running this long. Don’t worry, I’m not ready to give it up yet. I just wanted to remind everyone that the contest I started three years ago is still open for people to enter. To those who do decide to try to win, good luck.